Make More Money Playing Progressive Blackjack

Most people understand the concept of a progressive lottery or progressive jackpot. The more people bet without winning the big cash jackpot, the larger that jackpot grows, as a portion of each wager goes into it until won.

Progressive blackjack, though, is different. Instead of being among many vying to win a single growing progressive jackpot, progressive blackjack betting is a wagering system some professionals use against the house.

The idea is to make it possible to ride your winning streaks and win many times more money than if you simply wager the same way every hand. When you wager the same every hand, that is called fixed betting.

Fixed betting works great for keeping track of your cash, but it makes it hard to win a large amount beyond what you already have.

Progressive betting, however, makes it possible to win several times more than you wager, but increasing the amount of your bet every time you win. That way, when you hit a winning streak, you can win much more than when you simply bet the same amount every hand.

For example, if you win five straight hands and bet the same fixed $10 wager each time, you would win $50, while having risked $50. You double your money, but you risk a significant percentage to win that sum.

The basics of progressive blackjack are simple to grasp and easy to apply for any aspiring blackjack player.

With progressive betting, you use house money to boost your wagers and increase your winnings. So, if you win five straight and start with the same $10 hand on the first wager, you could win $150 over a five-hand winning streak, instead of just $50.

To win that $150, you only risked a total of $50 of your own money to do so. The rest was house money that you used to boost your bets and win more cash.

Many bettors would say the winnings are your money, so you still risked $150, but most professionals would agree that more house money in your account at the end of the day the ultimate goal.

Progressive blackjack betting should be done carefully. Some bettors apply the same principle to their losses, by doubling their wager amount every hand during a losing streak. That requires a significant amount of cash, and could lead to deep losses during losing streaks.

The idea is to create a larger bankroll using mostly house money, not risk progressively more of your own.